This is the webpage for R.O.B. the Builder, and anonymous block stacking robot created for the UBC Engineering Physics summer robot competition. This webpage serves as Team 2's final report, and contains information about the competition as well as the robot itself.

ROB the Builder during competition day
R.O.B. the Builder (named after Bob the Builder and ROB the robot) was created over the course of six weeks from the ground up, by first designing the parts in Solidworks and then creating them using tools such as an OMAX Waterjet Cutter and 3D Printer. The robot is controlled by a TINAH microcontroller, and programmed in the wiring language. More details on each design area can be found in the sections listed in the top bar.

We would like to thank our instructors, Andre Marziali, Jon Nakane and Bernhard Zender, as well as our TAs, Matt Lam, Rob Stead and Yegor Rabets, for helping us over the semester and for making this course a reality.